Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tutorial 1

1) How do you view the basic system information of a computer? What is the system information that you found? Name 5 of the items. How can you save the system information as text file for future reference?

2) What are the keyboard buttons to press, in order for you to switch between multiple windows?

3) Where can you change the size and color of text and backgrounds for applications?

4) Which Windows display property can you use to configure the energy saving features of the PC?

5) What are the characteristics of asynchronous data transmission?

6) Which Windows display properties will enable you to select a large font size with out affecting the screen resolution?

7) Which Windows feature will enable you to locate a file or folder in your hard disk?

8) What are the advantages of using networked PC as compare to a mainframe?

9) What are the ways to restart a PC?

10) When you clean computer components, which alcohol can contaminate electrical connection?

11) When installing memory (RAM), what should you do to prevent ESD?

12) I’ve just deleted a very important file. How can I recover it?



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