Friday, September 5, 2008

Gaining access to the command prompt when it has been disabled

What you will need:
Windows XP
Skill Level:
Your system administrator may have blocked the command prompt for a number of reasons, all of
which are irrelevant to this guide.
If you are one of those people who like to stick it in their system administrator’s nose, then this is
the guide for you, if you are any kind of goody two shoes, then stop reading now!!!....
To start, think of reasons why you would want to access the command prompt. Do you want to hide
a file in a jpeg (one of my other guides) or even take control over the SYSTEM account (another one
of my guides)? Do you simply want to learn, or do you want to show your system administrator that
you are smarter than him/her? All these are valid reasons for wanting to access the command
Step One: Preparation
Find yourself a nice computer (particularly one that has the command prompt disabled) and get
comfortable. Try to access the command prompt the old fashioned way (by running cmd.exe). You
will get something similar to the following message:
In short, this means that there is some bloke/woman (or even a bit of both) that doesn’t want you
accessing the command prompt and they have gone to great lengths (about 2 seconds enabling a
group policy) to stop you from accessing it.

Written by Matthew Effting Page | 1Step Two: Writing the tool that will get the job done
Open up notepad (Start | Run type notepad and hit enter) OR (if the run menu is disabled), Start |
All Programs | Accessories | Notepad.
Type the following into notepad:
@echo off

Step Three: Putting the icing on the cake
Save the file you just created in step two as a batch file. To do this type in quotes (“ ”) the following
into the save dialog box:
Run the newly created batch file and you will have access to the command prompt and all its glory.
NOTE: This will work unless your system administrator has blocked the usage of batch files or
blocked itself. If you want to access the command prompt when those two things
are blocked, you’ll have to wait for another tutorial.



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