Friday, September 5, 2008


The windows SYSTEM Account is like the god of gods in a windows environment meaning that under
it, you can access stuff that even an administrator can’t access.
What you will need:
Windows XP/Vista (Probably)
Step 1:
Open Command Prompt (Start|Run|cmd)
Step 2:
Type at
There are no entries in the list is the result you are looking for. If you get a result similar to access
denied or no access … this is the point you get off the train… (stop reading)
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Written by Matthew Effting
Step 3:
Type at HH:MM /interactive “cmd.exe” (where HH is Hours and MM is Minutes in 24 hour time)
Eg. At 13:30 /interactive “cmd.exe”
**Make sure you set HH:MM to a few minutes after your current system time
Step 4:
Wait …
Step 5:
You will notice that a new Command Prompt window pops up with the title
Step 6:
Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and kill explorer.exe
Step 7:
In the new Command Prompt window (refer to step 5) type explorer.exe
Step 8:
Click Start and check the name up the top of the menu.. it should say SYSTEM.



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